"Serving the County of Wise, the City of Norton, and the Towns of Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, Coeburn, Pound, St. Paul, and Wise."

A "Better Way" for Business...

Wise County and the City of Norton offer a "better way" of doing business.  With a diverse economy, including metal fabrication, extraction of minerals, wood and forestry products, and high technology employment opportunities, we proudly offer any business or industrial company:


  • An experienced workforce with diverse skill levels 
  • Low absenteeism
  • Grants for workforce training
  • Prepared business and industrial sites
  • Excellent local cooperation and committed long-term support
  • Hard-working, friendly people with a superior work ethic


     Wise County & City of Norton, Virginia Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Video
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Please click on the video panel above to watch our video introduction to economic and business opportunities in Wise County & Norton, Virginia.  This video includes demographic information as well as information on tax incentives, workforce and availability of property in each areas for development.  This video is available in HD by selecting the video quality at the bottom of the video panel above.

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A strong commitment from local government, combined with regional cooperation is the key to the diversified economic base of Wise County.  Mullican Flooring decided to locate a facility in Wise County because of the interest and cooperation demonstrated by the district planning commission, as well as the local and state governments.  An official of Mullican Flooring, said, "Mullican Flooring is a success story in Wise County, with great support from the local governments, communities, and its employees.  We place high value on our employees.  Wise County provides qualified employees with a good attitude and great work ethic.  You can make all the investments that you want, but it's the people that ultimately determine your success.  We are proud to be one of the top five manufacturers of quality hardwood flooring in the United States, and just as proud to be part of Wise County."

Industrial Sites...

Mullican Flooring, Norton, VA

The Wise County Industrial Park has 22 acres remaining for development with water, sewer, three-phase electrical power, fiber optic telephone service, and natural gas available on site.  Water and sewer systems have excess capacity to accommodate industry.  The Blackwood Industrial Park contains 125 acres for development with water, sewer, three-phase electrical power, and natural gas availability on site.  The Dale Ridge Industrial Park, containing 50 acres and 145 acres respectively, are available and are under development by the property owner.  All Wise County industrial sites are currently zoned M-2 to accommodate light to heavy industry unless otherwise stated. The Bear Creek Business Park contain 17 acres with public water and sewer; zoned M-1, adjacent to The University of Virginia's College at Wise campus.

Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park...

This growing and prestigious park, nestled on a plateau in the heart of Wise County, provides a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains.  The Business and Technology Park, located adjacent to the Lonesome Pine Airport, contains 195 acres and has been developed with all the amenities necessary to accommodate a variety of technology-based businesses.  An up-scale multi-tenant office building, containing 30,000 sq. ft. and expandable to 60,000 sq. ft. is available for occupancy.  The building is equipped with fiber optic connectivity and with DS1 and DS3 frame relay available.  The University of Virginia's College at Wise, located nearby, and Mountain Empire Community College complement this innovative model by offering training in CISCO, MOUS, A+ Certification, C++, COBOL, and CCNA.  In addition, the community college offers a Teleservice Career Curriculum and will customize a program to the specification of clients.

Quality Work Force...

Wise County has an abundant labor force that is willing to undergo training to meet the needs of industry.  The trainability of the workforce and the demonstrated work ethic contributed to the decision by Verizon Communications, Inc. to locate a directory assistance center in Norton. 

Verizon, Norton, VA“Verizon established a Directory Assistance Center in Norton, VA in 1988. The Center has proven to be one of the best in our company in productivity and has the lowest absentee and turnover rates of our Centers. In this region, we found an excellent labor pool that is highly trained and very self-motivated.”  Robert Woltz, Jr., President, Verizon Communications, Inc

Crutchfield Corporation, the nation's leading catalog and Internet retailer of audio and video components, opened its first satellite call center in Norton in 1998 with a small staff.  Today, employment has increased to almost 100 highly skilled people that respond to sales, technical support, and service calls from Crutchfield customers across the country.  William G. Crutchfield, the company's founder, feels that locating in Norton was a very wise business decision.  He said, "Wise County and the City of Norton have a number of assets that are critically important to a forward-looking company like ours.  There is an abundant workforce of intelligent people with a wonderful work ethic.  There are excellent institutions of higher learning.  The Lonesome Pine Airport is the best in Southwest Virginia, and there are high-capacity fiber optics circuit coming directly to Norton which gives us the high level of voice, data, and video communications our business requires."

Sykes EnterprisesSykes Enterprises, Incorporated became the first tenant in the Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park.  SYKES is a global leader in
providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process ou
tsourcing (BPO) arena. Providing an array of sophisticated customer contact management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies around the world, SYKES provides support primarily in the communications, financial services, healthcare, technology and transportation and leisure industries. SYKES specializes in providing flexible, high quality customer support outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound technical support and customer service.  SYKES is proud to be a part of the Wise community.

The Right-to-Work law of Virginia, combined with a quality labor force and an abundance of resources, make Wise County a prime site for diversified industrial and technology-based firms development.  Natural resources, including coal, raw materials, and wood products from professionally managed forests; human resources; and training resources are all readily available to meet the needs of industry and technology-based firms.

Location and Transportation...

Wise County MapWise County is located in the southwestern portion of Virginia in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  Elevations range from 1,400 feet to 4,200 feet above sea level.

Wise County is within 15 miles of the Tri-Cities MSA and is a part of the Tri-Cities VA/TN All American City designation for 1999.  U.S. Route 23 and U.S. Alternate Route 58, both four-lane arterial highways, traverse the county providing easy access to the Interstate highway system.  Since the county is located in close proximity to Interstate highways 26, 64, 75, 77, and 81, business and industry have easy access to the entire eastern seaboard and Midwest markets.

Both Norfolk Southern and CSX Railways provide rail access in Wise County.  Lonesome Pine Airport, with a 5,280 foot lighted runway, is the primary corporate air terminal for business and industry in Southwest Virginia.  An Instrument Landing System will soon be installed at the airport, which will enable aircraft to land and take off during inclement weather conditions.  Tri-Cities Regional Airport, located about 60 miles away in Blountville, Tennessee, provides commercial air service for the region.


Each of the towns in Wise County, as well as the City of Norton, operates municipal water systems.  The Wise County Public Service Authority provides water to areas not served by the municipal water systems.  Municipal systems or regional wastewater treatment authorities provide wastewater treatment.  Both water and wastewater systems have excess capacity to meet demands of business and industry.

American Electric Power and Old Dominion Power Company meet electrical power needs throughout the county.  Electrical rates are among the lowest in the country.  Natural gas is available in sufficient quantities at all industrial sites and at the Lonesome Pine Regional Business and Technology Park.  Digital telecommunications and fiber optic connectivity is available throughout the county.  Verizon is the local provider for telephone service.

Towns & City IDA Contact Information...

Wise County - Carl Snodgrass, Admin. Asst. for Econ. Dev./Project Coord. for Wise Co. IDA - 276-328-2321
City of Norton -  Fred Ramey, Town Mgr.  - 276-679-1160
Town of Appalachia - Fred Luntsford, Town Mgr. - 276-565-3900
Town of Big Stone Gap - Stephen Lawson, Town Mgr. - 276-523-0115 ext. 102
Town of Coeburn - Drew Mullins, Town Mgr. - 276-395-3323
Town of Pound - George Dean, Town Mayor - 276-796-5188
Town of St. Paul - Kyle Fletcher, Town Mayor - 276-762-5297
Town of Wise - Beverly Owens, Town Mgr. - 276-328-6187